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  Announcements & Notices Available Available  
  Dashboards for Learner, Admin & Instructor Available Available  
  Create & Manage Facility Available    
  Add courses to Facility from Course Catalog Available    
  Create & Manage Users Available Available Upto 100
  Create & Manage User Roles Available Available  
  User Role Permissions Available Available  
  Bulk import Users Available Available Upto 100
  Create & Manage Groups Available Available 5 Groups
  Create & Manage Assignment Available Available  
  Subscribe assignment from other Facilities Available    
  Grade/Return Assignment Available Available  
  Gradebook Available    
  Create Course with WYSIWYG editor Available    
  Upload SCORM complaint Courses Available Available Max of 10 Courses
  Manage Courses Available Available Max of 10 Courses
  Subscribe Course Available Available  
  Delete Course Available    
  Set Course Duration Available Available  
  Reset Course Available Available  
  Create & Manage Curriculum Available Available  
  Create and Manage Questions Available    
  Create and Manage Question Bank Available    
  Create and Manage Quiz Available    
  Create & Manage Notice Available Available  
  Create & Manage Emails Available Available  
Virtual Class
  Video on Demand Available    
  Live video Streaming Available    
  User Wise Report Available Available  
  Course Wise Report Available Available  
  Interaction Report Available Available  
  Report Builder Available    


In today's competitive, mobile environment, it is a challenge to keep abreast with the latest technology, skills, legalities, and compliance needs. Professional organizations need to ensure that their new employees attend induction training and all the identified basic training. Post-performance appraisals, the employees must fill all the identified gaps by attending assigned training program. All these have to be done, within the tight schedules to fulfill all other needs of the demanding clients. With mobile work force, it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible; to ensure that the employees attend all pre-scheduled training sessions on time. Again, in educational institutes, it is not possible for every institute to have their best faculty avail-able to all the students at all the locations. Due to limited number of hours in a day, a private tutor can only reach a certain number of students - that too, restricted to their locality.

EasyLearn platform, designed and developed by MindGrid Technologies address such demanding learning needs with ease - whether you are a corporate employer or manage educational institute. Our highly flexible and quickly customizable solution fits the needs of small and big players alike - as long as their requirements are for Learning Management.


Allow your learners to benefit from the EasyLearn blended learning Platform by delivering learning ON DEMAND and Just in time. EasyLearn allows instructors and administrators to upload SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 4th edition courses with a simple to use interface.


Create custom roles for your staff and define permissions for the roles, EasyLearn provides a flexible and secured role based environment. Secured roles based access allows you to create hierarchies that are used within your organization on the LMS. Roles can be imported using a simple text file that can be exported from existing HRMS systems or filled in to one of our export templates


Build assessments and Quizzes using the Quiz maker and attach them to courses or assign them directly to learners and groups.


EasyLearn provides you with strong reporting that is not only detailed but also flexible using multiple filters. These reports can be exported into MS Excel or PDF formats and also printed. The Dashboards provided, allow top management to view data as and when required.

(Virtual Instructor Led)

The EasyLearn Live VILT allows trainers to broadcast training using a web cam to learners across the globe.


EasyLearn uses Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to deliver training related content, including training videos to you from the nearest point of contact. This makes content play without lags or delays.
EasyLearn is highly integration friendly, allowing you to integrate with you existing systems using web services or flat files. You can now import and export completion data, user data and other information pieces in and out of the LMS.
Go ahead and get the look and feel you desire. Using our multiple skins generator and customization services EasyLearn can have the branding of your choice. Our customization teams can enhance functional items to suit your line of business.
E Commerce integration will allow you to monetize your courses and sell them using multiple payment methods. EasyLearn supports Pay Pal ®, Credit card gateways and other methods.